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Whose World?
The New Normal)

Pink Sugar

ft. Aima The Dreamer, RyanNicole & Coco Peila 

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Coco Celebrated Earth Day

This Earth Day, Bay Area bred Hip Hop & alt-R&B flex, Rap god.dess MC, and cultural organizer Coco Peila celebrates the launch of her organization BlackGold Movement – and its new Hip Hop and Climate Justice Initiative, Whose World?


Coco Peila is a bicoastal MC, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and cultural organizer within Hip Hop and beyond. She's shared stages with artists and leaders like Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Ledisi, and President Obama. Coco has worked in the artistic activism and anti-oppression facilitation world for over fifteen years alongside sharpening her musical craft, including serving as Director of Hip Hop & Climate Justice at Oakland-based youth-driven Climate Justice organization Youth vs. Apocalypse, and most recently being selected to participate in Women’s Earth Alliance’s 2021 U.S. Grassroots Accelerator For Women Environmental Leaders.

Peila is thrilled to launch her organization BlackGold Movement (BGM) with the powerful mission to “reverse the flow of resources from the West back to Africa along the transatlantic slave trade routes through Hip Hop, storytelling, & music of the African diaspora.” BGM is fiscally sponsored by San Francisco’s historic Intersection for the Arts

Peila’s vision for BGM is multifold, but focuses on five key areas: Black Liberation (most recently seen in the Pretty Heist, an audio-visual initiative centered around Balck Women & Girls liberation), Hip Hop, Artist Liberation, Climate Justice, and Solidarity Building. 


Her vision gained momentum after joining forces with Women’s Earth Alliance, a cutting edge global organization on a mission to protect our environment, end the climate crisis, and ensure a just, thriving world by empowering women’s leadership, and Creative Wildfire, an innovative collaborative call to collective action from frontline communities, represented by the trifecta of Climate Justice Alliance, Movement Generation, and New Economy Coalition.

As the Creative Wildfire manifesto states, “We have histories of advancing bold, visionary solutions that nourish regenerative solidarity economies. We carefully and lovingly hold the threads of these histories in our present work as we repair relations and remember our way forward. It is time to assert OUR solutions. Creative solutions that ensure ecological, economic, and racial justice.”

BlackGold Movement’s Whose World? Initiative begins April 22nd, 2022 with a Hip Hop & Climate Justice interview series and her new single “Whose World? (Red Black and Green New Deal)” being featured on Spotify’s Earth Day playlist curated by Creative Wildfire’s very own Climate Justice Alliance. Coco will also be spotlighted on Spotify’s main page as a musician dedicated to climate justice and social change.

The Initiative will continue with the launch of Peila’s bicoastal Hip Hop and Climate Justice “Whose World? (The New Normal)” music project release and corresponding “Whose World? Cypher Series” filmed in Oakland and New York City that she produced during her participation in the Creative Wildfire project.

“It was important to me as someone who lives between NYC and Oakland to spark a conversation through Hip Hip articulated from the perspective of those of us on the front line, and highlighting the demands that reflect our lived experiences and the intersectional impacts of the climate emergency on us” Peila shares.

“The goal is to help change popular opinion, spread information and awareness, and support our folks, through this cultural movement and organizing tool of Hip Hop, to connect the dots and engage with the climate movement -- all these issues we’ve been talking about for generations in our art, in movement circles, and in everyday conversation are directly connected to climate justice and the climate emergency.”


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